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Chrysler Canada Honors Top Canadian Techs!!

We then take the top 100 from the National Quiz participants (40 in Western Canada being Manitoba to Vancouver, 20 Ontario, 20 Quebec and 20 Atlantic) and bring them into their respective Chrysler training centers where they do a hands on test where we bug a vehicle and give them 12 minutes to diagnose it.

The 12 minutes sounds short however we set them up with everything ready to go including scan tools and internet access and we don't simply gauge the winner by if they find the fault or not but rather on a points system on how they approach the problem.  As an example, they must follow the 6 diagnostic steps being 1- verification of complaint, 2- verification of related symptoms, 3- symptom analysis, 4- problem isolation, 5- repair isolated problem, 6- verification of proper operation.  If these steps are followed, they get a given amount of points.

Congratulations to Ron Lochhead and Curtis Magnusson  for making it to the top 100 in this Chrysler Tech challenge!!!!

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