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What you need:

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Licence Plate, Odometer, Location, Type of Service Required.

We are please to provide 24-hour Roadside Assistance for all new 2018 vehicles which come with a 3 year or 60,000 km warranty. Vehicles placed in taxi, limousine, postal or ambulance service and all SRT vehicles are covered for roadside assistance for 3 years or 60 000 km only (whichever occurs first). Roadside Assistance service will be provided to the owner or the driver of these eligible vehicles.

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If your vehicle cannot be driven because of mechanical break down, it will be towed to the nearest authorized Chrysler Canada Retailer which services your brand of vehicle. (Or to the Chrysler Retailer of your choice, provided it is within a 35 km distance of the point of breakdown.)


If your vehicle is stuck in a ditch or snow on or adjacent to a public roadway and appears to be undamaged and the tow facility has access, it will be winched to the nearest road surface. If your vehicle is unable to proceed under its own power and an additional tow is required, once the winch is performed, you will be responsible for paying the service facility for the winch and tow.


If your battery is dead, jump-start assistance will be dispatched to your location.  In the event that your vehicle fails to start, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest Chrysler retailer. (Or to the Chrysler Retailer of your choice provided it is withing a 35 km distance of the point of breakdown.)

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If your keys are locked in your vehicle or your locks are frozen, help will be sent to your location. (Service is limited to providing access to the seating area only and does not include the cost of replacing a key.)


If you have a flat tire, the service facility will remove it and install your spare tire. The spare tire must be inflated and in sound operating condition. Tire repairs are not covered.

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f your vehicle runs out of fuel, a small amount of fuel will be delivered to your location, where regulations permit. In all other cases, including alternate fuels, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest re-fueling center. In these instances, the cost of fuel purchased will be your responsibility.

​ If your vehicle requires the services provided by the Road Side Assistance program, call this toll-free number anytime, from any location in Canada or the United states. 1-800-363-4869

Please identify yourself as a Chrysler vehicle owner and be ready to provide:*  Your vehicle identification number*  Your license plate number*  Your odometer reading*  The location of your vehicle and the phone number where you can be reached*  Type of service needed (tow, flat tire, battery boost, etc.)You can also call our service department at 204-728-3396 during regular business hour, we're here to help get you back on the road! 

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